We operate on eight core principles that set us apart from other telemedicine organizations.

The Octiva Eight Principless

Why Octiva?

Octiva was founded on eight core principles. These principles drive our organization and differentiate us from other healthcare organizations. In every action, operation, and care plan, you will find these values:

1. Open

We strive to give patients easy access to the care they need.
A medical situation is hard enough for a patient, therefore seeking care should not be a taxing experience.

2. Passionate

The care our patients receive should be equal to the care we would want for our own family.

3. Warm

Our care team knows the patient, their name, who they are, and not just sees them as a number.

4. High-touch

Our care team are more than just medical staff; we’re like family. We take that same approach with our patient care – supporting our patients and providing peace-of-mind to family members.

5. Innovative

We leverage technology to make everyone’s care better. We’re making Telehealth more convenient and easier to us than ever.

6. Available

Care and support should always be available because life is not restricted to work weeks and office hours.

7. Trusted

Our care team is there to support the patient when they need them most. We understand the patient’s medical history and are advocates for their care.

8. Proven

“Care” means more than a medical service; it’s our investment in the patient for better outcomes, recovery, and lower costs. Our results speak for themselves.

“We leverage
technology to make
everyone’s care better.”

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