Octiva enables patient success by leveraging telehealth technology to transcend medical, behavioral and social barriers to healthcare.

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What we do

After-Hours Support

Primary Cares are no longer competing in the local community but the world. With telehealth, patients can now receive care 24/7 that fulfills most of their basic healthcare needs.

Octiva’s partnership with community primary care providers allows a clinic to become a go-to for their patients at any time. Patients can seek clinical guidance, receive medication refills, schedule support for future in-facility appointments – all while staying in their ecosystem and near their primary physician.

Octiva achieves this by routing all of the clinic’s after-hours calls to the Octiva nurse center, where we answer phones as if we were in their practice.

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Octiva provides emergency departments the psychiatric resources needed to support an emergency medicine environment.  These resources reduce “emergency department crowding,” which is an outcome of not being able to treat, discharge or admit a patient to the appropriate level of care.

Octiva overcomes this problem with 24/7 on-demand tele consults.  Our consult services fill much-needed gaps in emergency departments where there is no behavioral support. For example, a psychiatric patient can experience an eight to 34-hour emergency department length of stay (LOS), mostly waiting for an assessment.

Octiva can respond to a request within one hour, provide a consult and clear the bed in a fraction of the time. As a result, our current partners are experiencing an 80% reduction in emergency room overflow, a 75% reduction in length of stay, and a 60% increase in medically appropriate discharge rate.

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Key Benefits:

  • Write a 5150 remotely  
  • 24/7 support 
  • 1 hour consult response time 
  • Follow–up outpatient treatment and coordination  

Tele-Critical Care (ICU)

Not every hospital has the expertise required to care for all the patients in its community. This occurs when the city provides neither an adequate labor force of medical professionals, nor a facility that can afford them full time. This problem is particularly acute with specialists. To fill this void, Octiva provides tele-specialty services. Our specialists focus on critical care, which is intensivist; however, we also have specialists in cardiology, psychology, neurology and oncology. This means there is 24/7 access to consults, allowing the local hospital to provide the care patients need, avoid transfers and keep the patient and the revenue in the local community. This care is also timely; patients who need critical care, such as covid patients, are up against the clock, so accessibility can not only save time, but save lives.

Virtual Bridge Program
(Post-Acute Transitional Program)

When patients are discharged from a facility, they are often left to navigate their transition alone, without guidance. When the patient faces additional challenges, i.e. condition risk, complexity, or lack of resources and support, the likelihood of failure increases dramatically. In the U.S., on average, 20% of all discharges are readmitted to an acute facility within 30 days. Our job is to ensure the patients have every possible opportunity to succeed.

Octiva provides:

  • 24-hour Case Management follow-up upon discharge
  • Care Coordination team dedicated to finding resources for patients
  • 24/7 RN triage for a patient experiencing an urgent medical concern
  • Primary Care scheduling and follow-up support
  • Access to a virtual physician network for convient bridge appointments or urgent medical assessments
  • Patient support for 30 days post-discharge
  • In facility liaisons for patient program education and staff program support


We average a 5% all cause readmission rate on a 30 day period across all partners.

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