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We help our community with an assortment of needs that improve patient care and reduce unnecessary utilization. Delivering the right level of care and support at the right time is Octiva’s motto, and we provide this value in an assortment of care vehicles:


Virtual Member Management

Members with history of high utilization need a frequent and precise touch, which is why our 24/7/365 managed care team is staffed with Registered Nurses.

Our team utilizes assessments based on illness and guided by standards of care protocols that assist them in touching on the right points during check-in calls.

Additionally, our systems monitor an assortment of other key factors and behaviors that lead to better health and proper healthcare utilization.

Our managed care team takes coordination to the next level by proving clinical expertise, so you can rest assured that every interaction that we have with your members is of the highest caliber of virtual healthcare monitoring.

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Mobile Integrated Health (MIH)

Our processes and virtual abilities complement emergency service systems (EMS) in a way that allows EMS to focus on delivering lifesaving measures and reducing overall system stress.

We place technology and advanced providers in the needed areas of the EMS that require additional virtual support and medical expertise, without the advanced life-saving measures. Our placement reduces the overall EMS burden and provides much-needed support for the chronically ill and high utilizing population.

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Free After Hours Support for Primary Care Practices

We know that being available around the clock is difficult, which is why we are here to support community primary cares with this heavy lift, at no extra cost. Primary care is pivotal to the community’s overall health, and we want the community to stay healthy and strong, which is why we are here to support these facilities.

We can assist with scheduling primary care appointments, telephonic triage, and virtual urgent care. When your members are forwarded to our system, we answer and assist, as if we are the facility the patient is calling.

We are not a ‘new’ organization; we are an extension of yours. There are only a few items a facility needs to work with Octiva, and then they can rest easy knowing we are here supporting everyone after hours.

“We are not a ‘new’ organization; we are an extension of yours.”

Virtual Urgent Care

When a member needs help, care cannot wait, so why drive to a location and sit in a waiting room with other sick patients? Octiva’s virtual urgent care can treat, prescribe, and order labs just like in-person urgent care, but from a patient’s home.

Using our HIPAA compliant virtual portal, we can communicate using HD video and audio, ensuring we hear and see all that is needed for a physician visit.

Octiva desires to help all members of the community, so making this service available to those who need it is our goal. We see our members at no out-of-pocket expense and have a growing list of insurance partners.

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Virtual Physician

Providing physician expertise is a large part of Octiva’s overall value, and we deliver this value to the places that need it the most: The Emergency Department and Hospitals.

Our team can be transported virtually to any facility in the world, and appear on our virtual display devices, ready to care for your patients. Utilizing our EMR access tools and virtual presents, our physicians treat and order tests before an in-person physician is even available.

Our virtual force multiplier improves patient satisfaction, delivers economy of scale, quality of care, and reduces wait times and the overall likelihood of unnecessary utilization because the medical professional is a doctor. This scalable model allows a facility to have our virtual support 24/7/365, giving the personnel coverage when you need it, without the cost of overhead when your volume does not support headcount.

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