Octiva acts as your after-hours team, saving you money and making your practice a 24/7 clinic in a 24/7 world.

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How it works

We are a post-discharge partner with your local HCA facility. We focus on providing patients with a successful transition back to your practice after discharge.

While we partner with HCA, we also partner with Primary Cares like yours to provide 24/7 triage and support—helping you retain visits that are appropriate for your practice and preventing unnecessary ED or hospital admissions.

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What does this look like?

1. Nurse Triage – Nurse Triage forwarded from your phone to ours after your practice is closed, every night, weekend, and holiday. No need for a call-back process or on-call Physician; we have you covered!

2. Increased traffic to your practice that would otherwise be missed – No more missed calls from patients. We book an appointment for them, at your clinic, ensuring that the patients’ care stays with you.

3. Continuity of care – Continuity of care when transitioning your patient back to your practice the team that helps you keep them local with their Primary Care.

Items we support:

  • Triage and disposition of care after-hours (nights, weekends, and holidays)
  • Urgent provider virtual visits for patients who are in need of provider level care
  • Virtual follow-up or post hospital discharge follow up for your clinic via Octiva
  • Daily reports outlining patient disposition, advice to follow, and volume. Unlimited patient usage

When your patients need help, it cannot wait. With our 24/7 after-hours support, your practice becomes the go-to for everything asides from a life-threatening emergency.

Interested in partnering with Octiva? 

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