Delivering the kind of care that we’d want our own family members to receive.

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Who we are

Care and support should always be available because life is not restricted to work weeks and office hours. We are here to fill that much needed ‘gap’ in healthcare.

We are doctors

We are emergency department experienced and board-certified emergency physicians who are here to lead the emergency care journey. We know how to care for the patient and be advocates when our members visit the emergency department.

We are nurses

We are emergency triage experienced Registered Nurses, ready to assist with non-life-threatening emergencies or answer puzzling medical questions for peace of mind. Anytime is the best time to call us.

We are family members

We know how vital your care is to you and everyone who loves you, which is why we deliver the level of care that we would want our family members to receive.

About Octiva Illustration

“Care means more than a medical service.
It’s our investment in the patient for better outcomes, recovery, and lower costs.”

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Connecting patients with the care they need. Anytime. Anywhere.
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