Octiva is the 24/7 care in a 24/7 world.

After-Hours Clinic Support

Primary care clinics are competing with in a 24/7 virtual world, and Octiva can help with keep their open light on and their patient access high with our after-hours service.

Virtual Bridge Program
(Post-Acute Transitional Program)

Providing around-the-clock access after a patient’s discharge, Octiva address the long and hard felt complexities of the patient’s transition back to their community.


Emergency Departments often lack psychiatric recourses needed to support behavior and substance abuse patient in the emergency environment. Octiva helps the facilities with these challenges by giving them the expertise they need to be successful. 

“We are not a ‘new’ organization; we are an extension of yours.”

Octiva enables patient success by leveraging telehealth technology to transcend medical, behavioral, and social barriers to healthcare.

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Helping your patients connect with the care they need.
Anytime. Anywhere.

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Connecting patients with the care they need. Anytime. Anywhere.
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